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Aldro T. Hibbard
(1886-1972). Aldro Thompson Hibbard (August 25, 1886 - November 12, 1972) was an American plein air painter. He was born in Falmouth, Massachusetts, but lived most of his life in Rockport, Massachusetts. His depictions of snowy landscapes, particularly of Vermont, are highly regarded. Hibbard worked in oil, as watercolor couldn't be used in January and February in the mountains of Vermont. In 1909, Hibbard entered the Massachusetts Normal Art School (now MassArt). Among his instructors were some of Boston's most important artists: Frank Benson, Frederick Bosley and Edmund Tarbell. Hibbard excelled and received a scholarship for further study in Europe upon graduation. It is said that he discovered his talent for snow scenes there, when caught in a blizzard in the mountains near Madrid. Hibbard was a member of many American art organizations, including the Rockport Art Association, the North Shore Art Association, and many others. He was an academician in the National Academy of Design. Hibbard influenced many Rockport artists including Emile Gruppe, Tom Nicholas, Paul Strisik, Marguerite Stuber Pearson, and Roger Curtis.
Aldro Hibbard - Early Days
Early Days

Oil, 14x18, framed 19x23
signed lower right

Signed on reverse "to my good friend Eddie Donovan
from A.T.Hibbard N.A. 1967

Early Days


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