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Louis Dodd
(1943-2006) Born in Hastings, England, Louis Dodd attended the Hastings School of Art and the Goldsmith School of Art, majoring in illustration. His ability in draftsmanship and line work earned him a National Diploma in Design. After college, he spent several years in typographic and graphic design work, but he was determined to become a full-time fine artist. In the art world, there are many good contemporary painters, but few great ones. Englishman Louis Dodd is one of those few. Connoisseur Magazine states, "Dodd is a painter of 17th and 18th century marine art, both ship portraiture and port cities. His ability is unsurpassed. This is coupled with an intimate knowledge of ports and famous structures. He is possibly the most historically gifted artist to come into the marine field in the last 100 years.


Capture of the English Brig RACHEL by American
armed brig SARATOGA, 15th Dec 1812

oil, 12.5x17, framed 18x33
signed lower left



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