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  • William Bishop
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  • James King Bonnar
  • A.T. Bricher
  • James
  • Thomas
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  • Rodney Charman
  • Salvatore Colacicco
  • Otis Pierce Cook
  • David Coolidge
  • Laura Cooper
  • Shane Michael Couch
  • Roy Cross
  • Montague Dawson
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  • Donald Demers
  • Marina Dieul
  • Judy Dinnick
  • Clement Drew
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  • Gerald E. Fellows
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  • Deryck Foster
  • J.O.J. Frost
  • Charles Henry
  • Andre Gisson
  • Abbott Fuller Graves
  • Jack Gray
  • Emile A. Gruppe
  • Hans Guerin
  • Tanya Harsch
  • Edward Lamson Henry
  • Aldro T. Hibbard
  • Cindy House
  • Thomas Maclay
  • Antonio Jacobsen
  • Eldred Johnson
  • Marshall Johnson
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  • Leonard Charles
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  • Thomas Oliver
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  • Harry Herman
  • Henry Scott
  • Percy Sanborn
  • Warren Sheppard
  • Frank Vining Smith
  • John Stobart
  • William Pierce
  • Anthony Thieme
  • David Thimgan
  • Wave Series - Shane
         Michael Couch
  • Thomas Willis
  • Jeff Weaver
  • William Gay Yorke
  • William H. Yorke
  • 19th Century
         Chinese Artists

  • Marshall Johnson, 1850-1921

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    Marshall Johnson - Breezing By
    Marshall Johnson - Breezing By. Oil on canvas. Size: 20x30, Overall: 30x40 inches. Signed Lower Left
    "Breezing By"

    Oil on Canvas
    Size: 20x30, Overall: 30x40 inches
    Signed Lower Left
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    Andre Gisson - Still Life with Flowers. Oil on canvas. Size: 9x12, Overall: 13.5x16.5 inches. Signed Lower Right
    Marshall Johnson - Heading Out Past the Pilot Boat
    Marshall Johnson - Heading Out Past the Pilot Boat. Oil on canvas. Size: 25.5x30, Overall: 33x37.5 inches. Signed Lower Right
    "Heading Out Past the Pilot Boat"

    Oil on Canvas
    Size: 25.5x30, Overall: 33x37.5 inches
    Signed Lower Right
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    Marshall Johnson - Picking Up the Pilot
    Marshall Johnson - Picking Up the Pilot. Oil on canvas. Size: 9x12, Overall: 15x18 inches. Signed Lower Left, 1887
    "Picking Up the Pilot"

    Oil on Canvas
    Size: 9x12, Overall: 15x18 inches
    Signed Lower Left, 1887
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